Finding a lender you can trust

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January 2019

Finding a lender you can


One of the trickiest steps as a homebuyer, especially first-time buyers, is

picking a mortgage lender. If you find this part of the home buying process

overwhelming you’re not alone. Obviously, you want someone who can offer

the right knowledge and guidance while excelling in customer service.

Here are three important considerations when picking a lender:


Find a lender who is responsive

One sign of a good lender is how responsive they are to your first contact.

There will be deadlines with a mortgage and you want someone who

responds in a timely manner. The lender you select, has to work with you

every step of the way and he/ she has to be easy to reach by phone or email.


Find a lender who answers questions

All homebuyers have questions, especially if you’re new to the process. Ask

as many questions as you want. A good lender will be committed to

answering your questions as well as clearly explaining how it all works. He /

she will work with you to review your finances so you can decide what

makes sense for your situation.


Find a lender with a good reputation

Both the mortgage lender and their company should have a proven track

record. Talk to friends to see who they might recommend and check out

lender websites for client feedback. Remember to pick someone with a high

level of client satisfaction. When you work with a good lender, you'll benefit

from both personal help and online tools.

Remember it’s a journey and you want someone who can help you take the

right steps.

Pre-qualification is neither pre-approval nor a commitment to lend; you must submit additional information for review

and approval.